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How to make money on your friends work and make them feel happy about it?

Wouldn’t you like to generate income on your friends work and make them happy with about it?

NixNaxTax is based on network marketing, which means you can help the market grow by promoting your friends work on Facebook or other social media. You earn 2% on any hour any time your friend works while your friend is happy you arranged the work.

The client is satisfied as well, since the 2% is discounted from our 5.9% website fee.

It’s easy to become a ‘reseller’ (someone who hints jobs to friends), and you become one if you’ve advised workers to post their availability on this website, making 2% anytime they work. To become a reseller, you should:

  1. Create a profile, here.
  2. Assign yourself as a reseller in the ‘My Profile’ page (in the fields where you generate your Stripe account).
  3. Create the Stripe account and add your bank account details, to automatically receive your 2% commission (for questions about creating a Stripe account, use the help desk)
  4. Urge your friends to list their job availability on our website and ask them to select you as a reseller.

Calculation example

Let’s assume you have 10 friends with job availability, who make an average of 20.000€ per year out of their work, each. When you advise them to list their job availability at NixNaxTax, they will be happy to get a nice income as a result of hinting clients.

Since you advised your friends to list their job availability on NixNaxTax, you will make 2% any time they work. This way, you would make:

10 friends x 20.000 € x 2% = 4.000€ per year

You can earn four thousand euros without doing anything! Your friends are happy, you are happy.

Note: the 2% is taken off the admin income so it doesn’t affect your friends income.

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